Monday, September 10, 2012

Try. Try. And Try Again...

I didn’t have the best writing week, though I did accomplish some important things like handing in my final revisions for an article that I’m really excited about. I didn’t do my two pages everyday mostly because I was having a hard time finding the words. When you sit at the computer and nothing comes to you, what do you do? What are your strategies? 
A strategy that worked for me (when I tried it) was to change my scenery--I have created a great work space in my house, but I realize that sometimes I need change. I went to the library a couple of times this week and I was really productive in that setting. Another thing that helps me is a study buddy. I really don't like the loneliness of writing sometimes, it really helps me to be around others who are also writing. Sometimes it's helpful to check in with your study buddy before you write and share your goals for the session--it's helps me to be accountable when I either write my goals down or speak them aloud to someone else. Though this week wasn’t the best for writing I’m looking forward to trying it again this week. Instead of beating myself up, I’ll just try, try, and try again. I hope you all have a great writing week!

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