Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Weekly Update:

I am happy to report back that I have been writing daily, at least two pages(weekdays). I started running again at the end of July--I don't really like running, but I like the way I feel after running. I keep a running journal that keeps track of when I run, how long the run last, and a whole lot of other things. I get pleasure from knowing and seeing my running history documented in my running journal/calender. I'm thinking of getting stickers for myself for a writing calender, a sticker for each day of writing. What kind of incentives do you give yourself? Writing and running are similar acts to me, I have to build endurance as a writer in the same way that I do as a runner. It's about creating a lifestyle change so that writing isn't something to be done just in time for a deadline, but something that is integrated into my daily life. I make room for moments when the writing is hard and I have to push myself. I also make room for the moments when it all seems to come together in a divine way--when the words flow easily and it all aligns. As I continue to write daily I am starting to feel a longing for my writing area--I want to write!  Now that's  a good feeling.


I have a hard time with revision. What is your re-visioning process? My approach to revision has usually been to start over, but this makes me feel as though I never really get a chance to trace the history of how my ideas grow, expand and change.

Do you have any helpful tips? Please share. 

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